Relax & Watch the Sunset

Ranthambhore KothiNo doubt, the sunset time is the best time of the day! The rush of the day comes to a close and the sun’s tired glow is the only thing that remains.
Ranthambhore KothiWhether you’re on a romantic break or an adventure holiday with the family, the sunsets always remains a memorable and special part of the trip. An insanely beautiful property, the Ranthambhore Kothi is definitely worth a visit if you wish to take a well-deserved respite from modern-day tribulations and enjoy the picture perfect sunset views in the warmth of nature.

When a cool evening breeze blows through and the canvas of sky is painted delightfully in the shades of oranges and reds, the experience of watching the sun slowly setting down from the comfort of private balcony of villa is indescribable. And what to say about a relaxing nature walk along the resort’s walkway!
Ranthambhore KothiRanthambhore KothiWrapping the wonder of nature with contemporary luxuries, the Ranthambhore Kothi is the place to be to soak up the beauty of sunset and submerge yourself in the calmness of evening as waiters bring you some drinks and appetizers adding to your marvelous sunset experience. Come, experience a memorable end to the day with us at Ranthambhore Kothi.

To book your stay, contact us at the following address :
Ranthambhore Kothi,
Near helipad, village khilchipur, Sawaimadhopur. 322001.
Contact: 07462-252112,113,114, 09982252899, 09414030217

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