Bird Watching in Ranthambhore

Ranthambhore National Park

Ranthambhore, because of its varied terrain and abundance of water bodies, has an admirable population of birds, resident and migrant. A whooping list of around 272 species has been documented in the park. Some of the best locations to watch birds I Ranthambhore are Malik Talao, the Ranthambhore Fort, Rajbagh Talao, Padam Talao and in the Jhalra area. The most sighted birds in Ranthambhore include Graylag Goose, Woodpeckers, Indian Gray Hornbills, Common Kingfishers, Bee Eaters, Cuckoos, Parakeets, Asian Palm Swift, Owl, Nightjars, Pigeon, Dove, Crakes, Snipes, Sandpipers, Gulls, Terns, Great Crested Grebe, Eagles, Darters, Cormorants, Egrets, Herons, Bitterns, Flamingos, Ibis, Pelicans, Storks, Pittas, Shrikes, Treepies, Crows, Orioles, Cuckoo-Shrikes, Minivets, Drongos, Flycatchers, Ioras, Wood Shrikes, Pipits, Bayas, Sparrows, Finches, Wagtails, Munias, Bulbul, Mynas, Falcons etc.


A keen birder can easily net over 120 species in 3 days, like Szabolcs Kokay and his friends did. Though the park is great for birding but the restrictions that are placed inside the Ranthambhore National Park, may not appeal to the very serious birders. There are some great birding spots outside the park and here one can walk around, which you cannot do inside the park. In fact, some of the best birding areas are outside the tiger zones on the outskirts of the park.

While you are planning a birding tour to Ranthambhore, at Ranthambhore Kothi would be delighted to host you for a perfect wildlife experience alongside luxuries. Cocooned midst the lush green forests and edged with the soothing sight of natural water lake, Ranthambhore Kothi offers a well appointed, never to be forgotten experience, with the exciting bird watching, chance to glimpse the very rare tigers, and other incredible species in complete wild..

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Kitchen Garden at Ranthambhore Kothi


The changing climatic conditions, our fast lifestyle and eating habits are drastically affecting our health. Despite recent reports, there are plenty of great reasons to choose produce with fewer pesticides (and better taste, and maybe even more health-promoting compounds). At Ranthambhore Kothi we have our own kitchen garden where an abundance of seasonal herbs, around 100 varieties of plants, fruits and vegetables provide the chefs and baker with fresh produce on request.

Traditional vegetables, to name but a few such as Tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots and beans are grown along with mint and endless variety of herbs from parsley to lemon grass.

The Fresh produce plays an important role in the menus of our restaurant at Ranthambhore Kothi as our chefs firmly believe that the quality of food we serve comes from the freshness of its ingredients. Fresh fruit picked in the morning may be used for lunch, and chefs can often be found picking herbs. Of the different varieties of vegetables grown, most are picked whilst young and tender. Our Kitchen Garden gives us the perfect opportunity to pick and serve delicious fresh food to our guests.

Our vast assortment of planting changes with the season, but are also in line with our menu requirements, ensuring that our own produce is a fundamental part of our food offering.

For further insight into our gardens we highly recommend that you indulge in a stroll through our kitchen garden and tree plantations.

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